Trade of the Week: Creative Yogurt Cooking

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Creative Yogurt Cooking

Creative Yogurt Cooking

The “Creative Cooking” series was to cook books what Waterloo was to Napoleon. Everything from Crepes to Microwaves received special treatment at some point during the print-run of these “specialty” cook books. But, I think we can all agree that by far the MOST “special” is that creamy wonder, the volume devoted to “Creative Yogurt Cooking.”

Hey, man! It was 1978 and America was sipping the last dregs of its ’60s grooviness. Inflation soared, gas was scarce and the leader of the Free World was a fish-lipped peanut farmer. But we had one thing to hang onto in this time of uncertainty: yogurt. That’s right! In times of fiscal and nuclear unrest, we all can find comfort in a heaping plate of “Good Yogurt Gravy,” best served on the “Dutch Herring Salad” if you have any class. As the folks at Creative Cooking discovered, “yogurt is for everyone!” And by following their simple, easy to understand 19-step process of home yogurt production, you too could reclaim a little dignity through fine yogurt dining.

And truly, yogurt IS for everyone. For the disco set we have party favorites you can eat without breaking your rhythm: just knock back a cup or two of “Quickie Yogurt Breakfast In A Glass.” If the wheat germ doesn’t give you the energy to keep shakin’ it, the molasses and raw eggs surely will. And next time the Saturday Night Fever has you racked with chills, try a steamy cup of “Yog-Nog.” Nothing soothes a jive turkey quite like a mug of liquor-flavored Christmas soup!

But, I know what you’re thinking. What about the regular folks who just can’t dig it? How about something for the masses, man? Well, Creative Yogurt Cooking has you covered. Liven up poker night with a refreshing round of “Pink Stuffed Cucumber!” (The “pink secret” is Ketchup! YUM!!) For the international set, Creative Cooking proudly offers “Eskimo Apples,” prepared the traditional Eskimo way with lots of yogurt, tropical fruit and kirsch. Why? Because nothing honors the culture of native tundra dwellers like curdled, creamy fruit-pitted mayonnaise served in a hollowed-out, 100-proof apple. Right on!

Still not sure? Then up your nose with a rubber hose! Just imagine the looks on your kid’s faces tonight as you lay down a sweating trencher of hot “Egg and Yogurt Casserole”. So hop in the shaggin’ wagon and make your way to The BooKnack, where a bygone world of cultured, dairy goodness awaits you…

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