The BooKnack buys and sells college text books. We will gladly accept all RESELLABLE text and either pay you cash for these or offer you a Gift Card with a 10% Greater Value that you can use like cash to purchase anything in the store. For example: If the value of your books is $100.00, we will either pay you $100.00 in cash, or $110.00 as a gift card.

We use a computer database to determine the value of your books. These values are determined by a very large book distributor. The prices change on a daily basis, based on supply and demand. Your benefit in selling your books through us is that the value of your books do not diminish based purely on the whims of local professors as they change the ISBNs for courses.

Your books must be in reasonable condition, and of a title and revision that is RESELLABLE. The revision of the book is a large factor in determining the value offered (if any). Remember your books will be offered for sale nationally but there needs to be a market for your books. We are generally able to meet or beat other local booksellers’ offers.

Because we participate in this national pool, we are able to provide you with a huge selection of used text books. As with buying, the price to sell will vary from day to day. You may either pick your book up in the store (without additional cost), or we will send it directly to you for a flat fee of $6.00. In any event you will receive your books in just a few days.

In order to insure that we will provide you with the proper title and revision number, it is vital that you provide the correct ISBN. This is a number that uniquely identifies your book. We have provided an internet connected workstation for you to lookup your title. Please fill out one of the forms provided with your name, address, telephone number, email, and a list of the books that you wish us to quote. Please bring it to the area marked “COLLEGE TEXTS”.

If you provide incorrect ordering information, your recourse is to sell the book back at the current “buying price”.

Need Recommendations For New Books To Read?

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