SeraphsLiving among humans in a post- apocalyptic ice age, neomage Thorn St. Croix is a source of both fear and fascination for the people of Mineral City—and now she faces her ultimate test.

Deep under the snow-covered mountains beyond the village, an imprisoned fallen seraph desperately needs her help. There, hidden in the hellhole, the armies of Darkness assemble to ensure this subterranean rescue will be Thorn’s final descent…

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Tradepaper –

US SRP: $ 14.00 US

ISBN: 0451461479

Publisher: Roc

Pub Date: May 01, 2007

Mass Market Paperback –

US SRP: $ 7.99 US

ISBN: 0451462440

Publisher: Roc

Pub Date: December 02, 2008

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