Trade in your books for store credit

People love to trade in their used books for store credit. We give credit based on the original retail price of the book, so it does not matter if the book came from us or from somewhere else (so long as they are in good, sellable condition).

The store credit that we give is:
25% of the original retail price on paperback books
17% of the original retail price on hardback books

The credits that you receive are good for half of the price off of the used books that we sell. A good example is when you buy a $4.00 used book. Your credits would deduct $2.00 from that price, and you would pay $2.00 plus tax.

Store credits do not apply to our new books, only the used books.
We price our books with a sticker on the back. On NEW books, the sticker will say “Store Credit is not Redeemable on this Item” so that you can easily tell which books are new.

Store credit does not expire. Each time you use your credit, the
remaining balance will be printed on the bottom of your receipt.
You must keep this credit slip and bring it in whenever you want to use it. It is important that you do not lose your credit slip as we can not replace it for you. Treat your slip the same as cash!


Store Return Policy

New books may be returned within 3 days of purchase for exchange of equal value.

You must have your receipt or our sticker on the book to exchange it.


Special Order Policy

We have over 100,000 books, but there is not enough room here to have every book in print. If you can not find what you are looking, we can order it for you if it is in print. We give you up to a 15% discount off of the retail price for pre-payment on special orders.* There are no shipping charges. Most special orders arrive in 3 to 4 business days.

*Some books we get no discount on, therefore we can not offer a discount on those books.


Teacher Discounts

We offer a teacher discount with a valid teacher’s ID. Need classroom sets or additional reading material for your students? Please enquire at the front desk when you stop by about the details of our teacher discount program. We appreciate all that you do to educate your students and this is our way of giving back directly to our community.

Need Recommendations For New Books To Read?

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