Craig Faris Book Signing

Dec 27, 2012 by

Local author Craig Faris will be signing his new book “The Spectrum Conspiracy” this Saturday, Dec. 29th, from 11:00am until 1:00pm.


The Spectrum Conspiracy

The Spectrum Conspiracy by Craig Faris

The Spectrum Conspiracy is a complex political thriller that has the ticking clock intrigue of Angels and Demons and the fast-paced thrills of A Clear and Present Danger.

Devrin Crosby, is a suspended, but brilliant FBI agent, and a former alcoholic. He has a partner he can’t stand, who is dating the only woman he’s interested in, and a boss who is giving him one more chance. Crosby starts looking into irregularities in the “official” investigation of the President’s assassination. Everyone is convinced that the culprit is dead, but Crosby begins to uncover clues of a far more sinister plot.

A powerful government entity is using a covert operation called, Project Spectrum, to build a highly unstable thermonuclear weapon to sell on the black market as a Trojan Horse. Unaware of the weapon’s instability, their terrorist clients would store it at their most secure facility; possibility the same location where other weapons of mass destruction are kept. But the scheme backfires when the weapon is stolen and hidden in Washington, DC.

Crosby and his partners are thrown into a race to save our nation’s capitol from not only the thieves, but also government thugs, who are bent on protecting their ultimate anti-terrorist weapon, and the fact that they assassinated the President to keep him from exposing their ultimate anti-terrorist scheme.

The clock is ticking, no one is listening, and in order to save thousands of lives, Crosby will have to lose his best friend.


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