Cheryl J. McCullough Book Signing

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Cheryl J McCullough will be here signing from 12:00 pm until 2:00 pm on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012.


The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party by Cheryl J McCullough

Cheryl J. McCullough will be here to sign copies of her book The Wedding Party.
You can learn more about Cheryl at her website.

“Leah Robinson is a fun-loving, high-spirited young lady who is the daughter of the well-known bishop of Hattiesville Community Church. She seems to have it all: wonderful friends, a near-perfect life, and a wonderful fiancé, Grant Sturdivant, with whom she is deeply in love. Grant is in the Army and is stationed in Germany. Before he comes home, she begins planning their dream wedding. After Leah suffers a significant headache one day that put her in the hospital for an indefinite amount of time, her friends begin to worry about her and whether or not she and Grant will still get married. Meanwhile, Janis Mitchell, Grant’s ex, is jealous of Leah and her relationship with Grant and does everything in her power to break them up.

Will Leah ever recover from her illness and marry the love of her life? Will Janis succeed at breaking up Grant and Leah for her own selfish gain? In this compelling novel by first-time author Cheryl J. McCullough, you will follow Leah and Grant, as well as their family and friends, as they face adversity and persevere in spite of how life happens. The Wedding Party is a dynamic story about relationships with a surprising twist ending that you won’t want to miss.”

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