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Wizard Jasper and the Lost Princess

Wizard Jasper and the Lost Princess

Jasper was very irritated now. Perhaps turning this rude soldier into a toad wasn’t such a bad idea after all! he thought, and then he saw the soldier’s face whiten. ‘Uh oh, did I say that aloud?’ From the look on the soldier’s face, he had. ‘Let’s start over, shall we? Most people call me Wizard Jasper. And you are?’

Upon discovering their daughter trapped in a magic mirror, the King summons Wizard Jasper, the best wizard in the kingdom, to come to the rescue. Jasper is able to find his way into the mirror, but discovers not one but two princesses trapped inside. After returning the first princess to her parents, Jasper is torn between staying with the King’s family to protect them from future evils and escorting the second princess on her journey home. However, with the confirmation that an evil sorcerer is behind the mysterious mirror trap, Wizard Jasper resolves that he must destroy the sorcerer before he endangers the princesses again!

Wizard Jasper and the Lost Princess and their gang of travelers have more problems than an evil sorcerer as they attempt to find the lost princess’s home. Between encountering moody fairies and threatening dragons, they may never be able to find the palace or destroy the sorcerer!

Find out if Jasper can save the princess, or if the sorcerer will unleash his power on the kingdom once and for all!


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