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The Colors of Space

The Colors of Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Marion Zimmer Bradley’s status as a well-respected and prolific writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy novels is well known to any fan of those genres. Her career spanned decades, spawning epic worlds and inspiring legions of young women and men to embark upon rewarding careers themselves.

But first, she had to get this book out of her system.

“The Colors of Space” is Bradley’s fourth full-length novel, following such masterpieces as “Falcons of Narabedla: Rebellion of the Space-Zombies!” and “The Door Through Space: BEWARE OF THE 4-DIMENSIONAL DEMONS.”. The plot of her quaternary effort centers around the exploits of a glamorous and effeminate man named Bart Steele and his less sexy-sounding travelling companion, Raynor Three. Dialogue between the two space dandies ranges from bland overstatements (” Don’t look directly at the ship when it lands, even with your glasses on.”) to the sort of tortured logic usually reserved for game shows in Japan:

“I tried hard to save him, Bart. I did everything I could , I’m no murderer. I have killed him, yes… But I knew he was dead all along.”

The remainder of the novel consists of an epic quest to find, transport, and ultimately use and misuse a newly discovered weapon in the War on Humanity and Other Critters: a color nobody can see. (**Plot Spoiler!!** The color is Silver!!)

So if you’re in the mood for an exciting, futuristic space thriller where the men are women and the women are indecisive cats, stop by The BooKnack today and get in line for your copy of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “The Colors of Space!”

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