BooKnack Trade of the Week: Picnics & Tailgate Parties

Jun 13, 2012 by

Trade of the Week!

Picnics & Tailgate Parties

Picnics & Tailgate Parties by Sunset Books

It’s always a special time when you get your hands on any of Sunset’s vintage cookbooks. This particular volume deals with a serious problem that has affected us all at some point: How To Eat Outside and What To Eat Once Out There. But fear not! Sunset’s “Picnics & Tailgate Parties” has you covered! Featuring such classic recipes as “The Brown Bag Smorgasbord” and “The Desk Drawer Special”, this essential guide to summer fun also presents a myriad of refreshing hot-weather meals that are sure to make your family excursions unforgettable! When the temperature goes up, how about choking down a basket full of “Veal With Tuna Sauce?” Looking for more adventure on the lawn? Then try a family-size bowl of “Overnight Chicken Salad!” Nothing kills botulism like 24-hour old luke-warm mayonnaise dressing! Sunset’s “Picnics & Tailgate Parties” doesn’t stop with the kiddies, though. This indispensable volume includes a whole page devoted to “Bracing Libations,” including traditional picnic favorites such as “Hot Milk Punch” and that old-time classic, “Cranberry Glogg.”
Can’t get enough? Come on down to the BooKnack and take home your copy of Sunset’s “Picnics & Tailgate Parties” today!

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